Dark chocolate Bar – Different types to suit your Personal Taste Preference. Simply Good Healthy Chocolate Bars

Many folks thoroughly enjoy a dark chocolate bar as opposed to a milk chocolate bar. However, there are also probably many more people that enjoy the milk mantra bars euphoria chocolate instead too. This is probably due to the distinctly different taste that is somewhat more bitter and more prevalent in dark chocolate than in milk chocolate. Of course, the personal taste preference would also probably have something to do with this too. It is relatively doubtful that it is simply and primarily for the potential health benefits that are said to be distinct to dark chocolate and it is probably more aimed at the taste.The Best Chocolate Bars for Baking | Epicurious

Dark chocolate has been studied for possible and potential health benefits that are closely related to the heart. It has been said that this is due to the flavoniods and their active ingredient epicatechin.

There was a study that was done by the University of California, San francisco, School of Nursing in which the Dove Dark chocolate was the primary study. The American Cocoa Research Institute provided these for this specific study. Some had these flavonoids and some had the flavonoids taken out. They used twenty one otherwise healthy people and split them into two groups. Each group would eat one point four ounces of this chocolate a day. The exception was that one group had flavonoids and one did not. After two weeks, these people were subjected to testing to explore their blood vessel dilation and found that the people that had the flavonoids had better blood flow and blood vessel function. These studies were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Does this prove anything about the dark chocolate bar? It may be that considering the extended amount of flavonoids that are in dark chocolate does aid in the prevention of blood clots which subsequently can lead to heart attacks. And, considering that the cocoa plant is just that, a plant, it may. Of course, by simply eating dark chocolate daily will not keep one healthy. One must also eat right as well as exercise in order to reap the benefits of a healthy regime. And, when doing this, one must certainly limit the amount of dark chocolate that they intake. Fore, any type of chocolate is loaded with fats and sugars as well as high in calories and large amounts will certainly defeat the purpose.

Coconut oil is very useful in achieving weight loss goals. The fatty acids in these decadently healthy chocolate bars actually help to take off excessive weight. It is also easy to digest and actually improves the function of the thyroid… a common overweight condition. But that is not all… coconut oil increases the metabolism and removes stress on the pancreas which helps burn more energy… i. e. more calories.

Have you heard me say this before? Digestion is the heart of your health. Think about that. How does your body get the fuel it needs to function? Through the digestion of these healthy chocolate bars and all the other nutritious goodies you consume. Using coconut oil improves the digestive processes and that prevents various stomach problems including irritable bowel syndrome. It has anti microbial properties which also help in dealing with indigestion. And to top it off coconut oil also helps in absorption of essential nutrients.

I’ll stop there for now but I could write a novel on the health benefits of coconut oil. For now though, who is ready for some simply good healthy chocolate bars? I am… hehe So, with these top health benefits in mind, here is the super easy recipe to a super delicious and very nutritious treat! Notice I said treat… not dinner. Just saying!